For Stereo Mastering we use our high-end Analog Chain to guarantee the best possible result for your mixes. To ensure perfect translation across formats we offer different export packages.


Stem Mastering guarantees enhanced depth and dimension for your music. We have control over each stem to make sure that every scope of your music reacts to the mastering chain at best and analog summing is included.

3D-Audio Production

We also offer to spatially enhance your productions. This is done by positioning the sound objects, automating the movements in 3D and providing the matching export formats (Binaural, Ambisonics, Dolby Atmos).



We offer three types of mixing services, depending on your needs. Next to the standard stereo mixing we have bus mixing, a process optimised for stem-mastering. We sum up the single channels and prepare stem groups. We also offer 3D mixing, creating spatial audio projects from your stems.


Our production studio is available for recoding sessions with our engineer. You also have the option to book a production day at the room or rent it for shoots or live sessions. We have a big collection of analog synths and acoustic instruments available.

Consulting Services

If you need musical, technical or artistic consulting for a project we are here to help. Our services include production planning, studio planning, live setup design, budgeting, mix consulting, audio restoration and creative direction.


Jan Urbiks

For me sound is an opportunity to interact with space, either the one I am listening in or the one that is created within a composition, for an exchange of information with the listeners.I started to play drums at the age of six. The loud hits of this instrument trigger a strong response from the space it is played in. This started my interest in this field and I'm still constantly observing and learning.Holding a master's degree in Audio Communication and Technology, I graduated on the topic of spatiality in electronic music and the effects of immersive sound on rhythm. In my production workflow I gradually started to work with the results of my research, enhancing the spatial depth, textural structures of a sound and the impact of movements in Stereo as well as 3D Audio formats.

Enyang Urbiks

I see sound as a powerful way to communicate. It's my main language, no matter where I am. Traveling and experiencing different cultures, sound has always been my way of connecting with the world, especially when words fall short.For me, mastering isn't just the final technical step in making music. It's a creative process that adds sculptural depth and meaning to a piece. Good mastering brings out the personality of a musician in the sound. Being a musician myself, I enjoy working with other artists to create meaningful pieces that can resonate strongly with the world.

Florian Stepper

Everything is light and sound:to capture or to provoke certain emotions first received through visual experiences by giving them a sonic gown has been my motivation since I started to experience with sounds, songs and writing on a detuned piano at my parents place as a child.Working as a producer and musician but being a songwriter by heart and having lived and worked musically in different cultures around the globe, I found a varied version of this image in each meaningful musical encounter.It’s the urgency of expression that I search for in each production I’m involved with.It could be tiny spark of coincidence and imperfection that leaves a mark of a crack or the idea of an abyss within the pure beauty of a musical work.For me that’s the dividing line of what makes a musical work outstanding.

Felix Nagel

Music is expression. Music is shelter. Music is identity.It has always been like that for me. As a multi-instrumentalist, I was constantly on the lookout for new ways to create music, new sound pallets and textures.Playing in bands across multiple genres, I found myself becoming more and more focused on capturing and shaping that expression. Since then, mixing and mastering have become the ways to express myself by creating the form in which music is presented and perceived. This form is my way of connecting to the expression, the shelter and the specific identity of each individual artist I work with.


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